3013 APP
   5011 Cotton PBT Elastic fabric
   5013A/B Warp Elastic Fabric
   C 30x30 / 68x68 43"
   9012 Silicone Release Non Woven Fabric
   5026 Elastic Fabric
   6011 Elastic Fabric
   1016 Elastic Fabric
   1020 Satin Elastic Fabric
   2011A Easily Torn Fabric
   2011B Easily Torn Fabric
   2011C Easily Torn Fabric

    We are proud to introduce to you, our factory produces all kinds of woven medical fabric for making adhesive plaster and wound bandage.
    Our products include widthways elastic fabric, lengthways elastic fabric, non-elastic fabric, silk fabric (easily
torn), Heavy-woven fabric, light-woven fabric and etc.
?We can emboss on the fabric and design new medical fabric according to request. Our fabrics are of high quality, long length with few joints. We also have several coating production lines, we can supply coated fabric to you.
    The quality of our products has been accepted by foreign manufacturers in America , Europe, Korea , India and other countries and origins.
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